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They were down and out.  The Twins were 7 games behind the Tigers early in September and were still 3 games out of first place with only 4 games to go in the season.

And then it was time for some Metrodome magic!!!

They swept 3 games from the Royals to force a one game “play-in” against Detroit.  Then the Metrodome was reconfigured for a little football game between the Vikings and the Packers.  And finally it was regular season game 163 for the Tigers and the Twins.

162 games was not enough.  162 games plus 9 innings was not enough.  The Metrodome required 163 games plus 3 extra inning before it would release its regular season claim on the Minnesota Twins (next year they will play outdoor baseball at the newly constructed Target Field).

The Dome may not be a great place for watching summer baseball, but it become a place of magic during the post-season!!!

evil empire

And now the post-season is here.  Tonight the Minnesota Twins start a 5-game series against the Evil Empire. The Twins, a small-market team with a total payroll of $65.3 million, will face off with the Yankees a team whose $201.5 million salary is over triple their own.

So who will prevail in this David vs Goliath match-up?

Will it be the all-star elite of the money machine from the Big Apple?

Or can that cast of mighty unknowns led by Bionic Joe Mauer find a little more magic for their fans in the Metrodome?


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The Showdown in Motown starts today!!!

Who will win the American League Central?


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Over the weekend I had a chance to take in a Twins game with my Dad, my nephew Jack, and my son Paul.  Three generations hanging out together at a Twins Baseball game.  Good stuff!

The game was very entertaining.  After trailing 3-2, the Twins scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 8th to take a 5-3 lead.  Then Joe Nathan came in for the save.

After the game we realized that we had been seated right next to the “Kirby Puckett Seat” – a gold seat in the left field of the Metrodome.  I had never seen the seat before, but I knew the story.  This gave my Dad and I( a chance to share some history with the boys.

The gold seat is a reminder of the Twins World Series victory in 1991.  What a series!!

That series was played between the Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Braves.  Both teams had been last-place teams the year before.  Both cities were ecstatic to be involved in post-season baseball.  The Twins won the first two games of the series, but then dropped all three games played in Atlanta.  So on October 26, 1991, the Twins returned to the Metrodome down 3-2 and facing elimination.

Kirby Puckett assured his teammates that all was going to turn out fine.  He told the team that he would pick them up and carry them on his back.

And he did!

After 7 innings of play the game was tied 3-3.  The tension was growing.  Carl Willis came in to pitch in place of Scott Erickson.  Sid Bream was batting and had fouled off several pitches.  On the eighth pitch of the at-bat, with a 3-2 count, Bream drove a ball to deep left-center field.  It looked like an extra base hit or a home run.  Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Puckett flashed onto the tv screen, leaped into the air, and caught the ball as he crashed into the plexi-glass.

Game still tied!!!

The game remained tied through 9 innings.  It was still tied after 10 innings.  In the top of the 11th, Rick Aguilera, the Twins closer, worked a second inning.  He retired all three batters he faced.

In the bottom of the 11th the Braves sent Charlie Liebrandt out to the mound.  Kirby Puckett came to the plate to lead off the inning.  Pucket hammered Liebrandt’s fourth pitch over the fence in left field for a game winning home run!!!

Jack Buck, the CBS commentator uttered the now famous phrase, “And we’ll see you tomorrow night!”

The Twins won game seven in 10 innings and became World Series Champions!!

The Gold Seat in left field is the seat occupied by the fan who caught Pucket’s game-winning, series-saving home run.  A piece of baseball history.  Good stuff for father-son sharing!!.

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Joe Mauer - The Bionic Catcher
Joe Mauer – The Bionic Catcher

Although the Minnesota Twins have been struggling lately, that is no fault of Bionic Joe’s.  Mauer had another great performance yesterday (3 for 5 with 2 home runs and 3 RBI) .

For the month of August, Bionic Joe is hitting .485 (1st) with 7 home runs (2nd-T), 20 RBI (1st-T), 15 runs (2nd-T) and an OPS of 1.409 (1st).

For the season:

  • Ave: .383
  • HR: 25
  • RBI: 77
  • OPS: 1.101

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Justin Morneau hit two Crabby Patties (home run) in today’s Twins game!

Morneau now leads the AL with 26 Crabby Patties for 2009.

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Joe Mauer - The Bionic Catcher
Joe Mauer – The Bionic Catcher

After missing the month of April to receive his bionic implants, Joe Mauer finally has enough at-bats to qualify for the batting race.  So your official AL batting leader (and he leads the majors) is Joe Mauer who is now batting .388.

Yesterday featured another great performance for Mauer.  He was 3 for 5 with 2 RBI’s and gave another demonstration of his new bionics by belting out his 15th homer.   Prior to his surgery this spring, Mauer had never hit more than 13 homers in an entire season (did I mention he missed all of April).

For the season:

  • Ave: .388
  • HR: 15
  • RBI: 47
  • OPS: 1.118

(did I mention he missed all of April)

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evil empire

Tonight the Minnesota Twins start a 3-game series with the Evil Empire.  The Twins, a small-market team with a total payroll of $65.3 million, will face off with the Yankees a team whose $201.5 million salary is over triple their own.

The Evil Empire has set out to buy another championship.  With 48 wins through half a season, they are paying roughly $2.1 million per win.

Can money buy the Evil Empire another championship?

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