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Circus Drawing by Emma (2009-10)

"Circus Drawing" by Emma (2009-10)


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At our house the phrase “Circus Weekend” usually refers to the weekends when we have all six children at home with us. But this past weekend the Circus was a source of incredible joy and celebration — especially for the Chatty Chatty Princess!

The Chatty Chatty Princess loves elephants. When she was four years old, Santa brought her a stuffed pink elephant that became her favorite toy. Her friend Georgia had a stuffed green elephant that had a rattle in its belly which Emma loved to play with when they were together.

When she was five, the Chatty Chatty Princess asked Santa for a green elephant like Georgia’s. Santa delivered! Now Baby Green Elephant is Emma’s dearest friend. She sleeps with her, travels with her, comforts her, and loves her.

And the Chatty Chatty Princes has developed a love for all elephants. She has many stuffed elephants of various shapes and sizes. Most of them live at the foot of her bed. But until this weekend, Emma had never seen a real elephant.

And then the Circus came to town! Not only did the Chatty Chatty Princess get to see real elephants, she got to ride on an elephant! Riding on the back of a beautiful pachyderm named Cindy, the Chatty Chatty Princess was transformed into the radiant Elephant Queen!

Emma on Elephant

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Rock Turtle in Cage

"Rock Turtle" by Emma (2009-10)

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Emma and the Turtles

Emma & the Turtles

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Rock Elephant in Cage

Rock Elephant in Cage by Emma (2009-10)

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Life Is Good When You're a Princess

“Life Is Good When You’re a Princess”

A Drawing by Emma (2008-10)

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Rock Drawing - Emma & Mommy (2009-10)

"Emma & Mommy" by Emma (2009-10)

This is a rock picture created by the Chatty Chatty Princess using rocks we have collected from Lake Superior’s North Shore. Notice the ice cream cones and the flower they are holding in their hands!!

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