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It was a great weekend in the Turtle’s hometown — a place where the women are strong, the men are good looking, and ALL of the children are above average!

Friday was a day off (since the Fourth was on a Saturday this year) and the Turtle took advantage of hot, summer weather. We took the dogs out for a walk in the morning, did some shopping for the holiday weekend, took our younger dog to the dog-park in the afternoon, and stopped at the library for some movies. The Turtle and his 12-yr old daughter have been working their way through Season 6 of Star Trek the Next Generation.

Saturday we went out into the heat and staked out a spot to watch Garrison Keillor do a live broadcast of Prairie Home Companion at Macalaster College in Saint Paul. It was very hot and very humid and also worth it. After the show we went to our usual spot for fireworks in Roseville, Minnesota.

Sunday was a hot, humid day of play rehearsal. The Turtle and his daughter are performing in a summer production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and spent afternoon rehearsing in a gym with very little ventillation. The entire cast sweated through the four hour rehearsal. We are all much closer now!

We watched the Women’s World Cup and celebrated the victory over Japan! It was fun to watch both of my daughters get excited about women’s sports.

Sunday night we had thunderstorms and I did not get much sleep. So Monday is even tougher than usual this week. Monday’s are always tough. They are tougher after a holiday weekend. And they are really tough after a sleepless night.

Time to find a bottle of Diet Dew!!!


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Greetings from the long absent Turtle!

I have been away on a wonderful family vacation to Washington, DC.  It was a wonderful experience!  We piled ourselves and four children into the family mini-van and spent lots of “quality time” together driving out and while in DC.

I am happy and grateful to report that it has also been a time of continued purity.  Even my eyes remained disciplined throughout the trip.  This was especially important given the hot summer weather.

For those who have checked-in while I was away — Thank you!

I hope to return to a more regular cycle of blogging.


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Today I feel anxious, ambivalent, worried, grateful, lonely.


Issues for me today are focusing on family and trying not to isolate.


I need to surrender myself to God (and mean it).


It has been a clean week, but I also feel that I have been just coasting.  I have fallen out of the habit of morning devotionals.  I haven’t been making all of my daily phone calls.  I haven’t been good about taking my meds and supplements.  And I feel like I have been isolating.  Moreover, there hasn’t been any real joy in being clean this week, it’s just something that is.

All of these things are potential danger signs.  I have been fighting this Battle long enough to know that you don’t succeed through coasting.  Success requires prayer, active support from other men, and engagement with work and family.

But what do you do when you’re not engaged?  What do you do when you’re not “feeling it”?

What I’ve learned in the past is that you do the things you are supposed to do anyway and the feelings will come later.  Act as if you are fully engaged in the Battle and the mind will follow.

So I am going to try to start acting the part again today.  I am going to come before God in prayer this morning even though I don’t necessarily “feel” like praying.  I am going to make sure I take my meds this morning.  And I am going to spend time with the family even though I am feeling like I’d rather watch baseball and read a book.

Although I don’t feel it now, I know that God will honor my gift of time and self and when I do feel engaged again later, I will be happy with the choices I made.

So, turtle, go ahead …

Just do it!

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The Turtle has been away.

The Turtle was out of town for three days.

The Turtle was in South Dakota.

The Turtle was not alone …

I had a chance this past weekend to take my two children from my first marriage and go to Watertown, South Dakota for a three-day weekend.  Why Watertown?  My son had a Tae Kwon Do tournament.

As I look back at this experience, I am really really really really grateful.  I am grateful for many things:

+ I was able to fully enjoy the weekend and fully experience this time with my children; I did not have the usual anxiety about keeping us busy and I did not feel the need to “escape” from the situation.

+ I was able to express my love to each of my children through the gifts of quality time, acts of service, affirmations, and physical touch; I really felt a heightened ability to show each of them my love for them.

+ I got to watch my son do something he enjoys and experience success while doing it.

+ I got to play games against and interact with my daughter one-on-one.

While my Battle for Purity hasn’t been perfect, I am beginning to see the positive impact of that Battle on other aspects of my life.  This weekend I got to see myself as a better father.  Without the overpowering pull of sexual temptation, I was able to spend time with and be fully present to my children.

Praise to Jesus who makes all these things possible!!!

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At our house the phrase “Circus Weekend” usually refers to the weekends when we have all six children at home with us. But this past weekend the Circus was a source of incredible joy and celebration — especially for the Chatty Chatty Princess!

The Chatty Chatty Princess loves elephants. When she was four years old, Santa brought her a stuffed pink elephant that became her favorite toy. Her friend Georgia had a stuffed green elephant that had a rattle in its belly which Emma loved to play with when they were together.

When she was five, the Chatty Chatty Princess asked Santa for a green elephant like Georgia’s. Santa delivered! Now Baby Green Elephant is Emma’s dearest friend. She sleeps with her, travels with her, comforts her, and loves her.

And the Chatty Chatty Princes has developed a love for all elephants. She has many stuffed elephants of various shapes and sizes. Most of them live at the foot of her bed. But until this weekend, Emma had never seen a real elephant.

And then the Circus came to town! Not only did the Chatty Chatty Princess get to see real elephants, she got to ride on an elephant! Riding on the back of a beautiful pachyderm named Cindy, the Chatty Chatty Princess was transformed into the radiant Elephant Queen!

Emma on Elephant

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TC Marathon Finisher 2009

D-Monk at Finish of 2009 TC Marathon with Beth, Emma, Braxton, and Paul

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