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The SALT Brigade met again on Friday. The first part of the meeting involved confessions. It seems we had each struggled over the past seven days.

But an issue was identified early in the meeting: What is proper disclosure? Two of us had simply acknowledged that we had “acted out.”


We talked as a group about accountability and our goals. We are trying to attain sexual purity. And one of the first steps is to defeat addictive sexual behavior. Such act6s must be held up to the light — the full light!

In order to grow, we must be specific about the nature of our sexual sins. We must come clean with our brothers or we are still hiding behind lies. And lies are where Satan is on his solid ground. So we came to an agreement that we will be specific in confessing our sexual sin as we march forward.

Friday was also a time for setting fences. It was time to post a rear guard and make a plan during a time of strength for a coming time of weakness.

My wife is going out of town for an educational convention and I will be home alone, caring for the children for five days. This will definitely create some stress, anger, and loneliness — and it will give me ample opportunity to pursue sexual lust.

So I have committed to calling each of my accountability partners every day while my wife is gone and giving a full and truthful account of how the Battle is going in my wife’s absence. If they do not hear from me, they will call me and hold me accountable for each day.

Thank you, SALT Brothers!!!

S-A-L-T: Standing Against Lust Together

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