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When the house fell asleep
there was always a light
And it fell from the page
to the eyes of an American boy
In a storybook land
I could dream what I read
When it went to my head
I’d see:

I wanna be a hero

—Steve Taylor, “Hero” (Meltdown, 1984)


“Here I come to save the day!”

—Mighty Mouse


“Out here, due process is a bullet.”

—John Wayne (as Col. Michael Kirby in The Green Berets)


And you didn’t say a word
when they accused you
You did not fight back
when the whole world used you

When hate was crowned King
and love was diminished
You stood meek as a lamb there
without blemish

And they laughed when you cried out
“It is finished”

You lay down
You lay down

—Terry Taylor, “You Lay Down” (1998)

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