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Last week’s meeting of the SALT Brigade was sorely needed — sorely needed by me and each of the other members of the group. All of us had reached the same point in our struggles with sex addiction: CRASH AND BURN! And yet we all dialed in to our weekly call. None of us wanted to be on the call, but somehow we all found the courage to dial that number.

So what do you do when you’re a support group and no one is having success? You cry out. You bare your souls and cry out to God. You tell it like it is and then you start taking stock. And then you find that all of you has something pretty big to be grateful for — God has not left you. You have screwed up, you have done what you said you would not do, you have tried to hide from God and from each other … but God is still there.

God is still there and He does not condemn. He simply invites: Come with me! Try it my way!

And so we found the courage to begin anew. I have been clean since that meeting. I am trying to bounce my eyes. I am trying to pray. I am trying to do daily check-ins. But above all … I am grateful!

Thanks be to God!!!

S-A-L-T: Standing Against Lust Together


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It was a “sobering” meeting of the SALT Brigade this past Friday morning. I disclosed that I had acted out the previous weekend and that I have been sliding, isolating, and obssessing in general lately. One of the other members of our Brigade has also been struggling intensely this week and admitted to experiencing some depression. Our third member said that he had had a clean week from a purity standpoint, but had gone off the deep-end into some non-sex related obsessions.

This led to a general discussion on the nature of our struggle with pornography. We acknowledged that while our goal is to achieve purity and leave pornography behind, we also must admit that pornography itself is not the underlying problem – rather it is a symptom of some deeper wounds or unmet needs. Yes, it may be more acceptable to replace our pornography use with some more socially acceptable obsession or addiction, but we still end up isolating and estranging ourselves from our families. So there’s more to this purity and recovery business than just saying “no.”

I also shared with the SALT Brigade that I am feeling a need to seek more help. I am feeling the need for a structured program that I can give myself over to. So my brothers and I are praying for some discretion on what changes we all need to make.

Please pray for this group of broken sinners. We are in need of God’s grace.

S-A-L-T: Standing Against Lust Together


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We had a good salt meeting this morning. Our common theme was drifting. We each had clean weeks, but there was a general consensu that we did not feel actively engaged in the Battle. Each of us felt as if we were going through the motions and were “lucky” to have clean weeks.

We spent some time talking about spiritual dryness and its relationship to the Battle for Purity. For myself, I have struggled to set side time for prayer. And the irony is that I am feeling less joy in life. You would think I would actively run to pray knowing the reward of joy that usually accompanies that for me.

So this week we are focusing on spiritual activity – regular prayer and worship. After all, the gift of purity is not something we can win, but comes from the grace offered through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

S-A-L-T: Standing Against Lust Together

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This week’s SALT Meeting featured some similar themes: (i) mostly clean, (ii) struggles with mental discipline, and (iii) missing our daily prayer.

All of us who met this morning reported weeks that were mostly clean. Two of us acted out a single time during the week and the third “white knuckled” the whole week. We each reported struggles keeping out minds clean. We struggled with avoiding taking those second and third glances at attractive women, we were tripped up by stress at work, and we were saved from acting out more by simply not having opportunity.

And all three of us noted that we had failed to maintain our commitment to prayer this week. We have taken up a 7xt prayer commitment – seven minutes of prayer daily that follows the “ACTS” paradigm (Affirmation, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication).

It seems hat this seven minutes of prayer must be a very powerful thing. Not much of a time commitment, but a heart commitment nevertheless. And it also seems like Satan doesn’t want us to get too used to even a little time with God each day. It feels as if we have been distracted from what we really do want to do – spend a little time (at least) with God each day.

So in closing our meeting this morning, we prayed for time with God. We prayed that God would draw us into time with Himself each day. We asked that Satan be prevented from interfering with this desire. More than anything else this week, we want to spend time with our God.

Pray for the SALT Brigade.

Pray that we will each find time daily with our Creator and Redeemer!

S-A-L-T: Standing Against Lust Together

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Greetings to All!

The wandering turtle has returned!

So where have I been?

Well, I haven’t actually gone anywhere.  The truth of the matter is that life has been busy, I am no longer able to blog at my office, and I have been too jealous of my time at home to spend time in front of the computer.

But I’ve also missed my blogging time.

So here I am!!

The Battle has continued with ups and downs — but happily there have been more ups.  I have had nearly a month of total purity with an exception of having acted out three days about a week ago.

I have had definite ups and downs with other things as well.  Prayer has been inconsistent lately.  I just haven’t “felt” like praying.

Phone calls have been inconsistent.  I just haven’t “felt” like making phone calls.

Work has been extremely busy, and extremely productive.  I have gotten a lot accomplished over the past several weeks.

And family life has been really good!!  I have had lots of good times with my children recently and have felt really, really connected to Beth.  I really couldn’t ask for anything more in terms of my home life.  We have been hiking, swimming, biking, and on outings.  Beth and I have had time with the kids and we have had really intimate time together.

I think that the fact that all seems to be going well on the home and work fronts contributes to a sense that I don’t need to do all of the other things that I ordinarily subscribe to as part of the Battle for Purity.  But I know better than that.  I have stumbled too many times to think that you don’t need to keep “working the steps” when things are going well.

Thankfully, the SALT Brigade has been hanging with me, making phone calls to me, and calling me to accountability.  This is not a battle that a man can win alone.  And now that I have started to connect with other men, I really don’t want to fight this battle alone (or do anything alone).


Sometimes I slip back into that old thinking that says that I have to do it by myself — that I have to “be a man.”  But soldiers know better than to go into battle alone.  A man does not have to fight alone to be a man.

So the turtle is back.

Thank you all for your support!!!

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The SALT Brigade met this morning. It was a time for honesty amongst the brothers. Honesty about a curious week.

This was a triumphant week, in a sense. All of us had clean weeks and came to this morning’s meeting grateful for the gift of purity. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the good work he has begun in each of us!!!

Yet we also experienced a week of let-downs. None of us seemed able to “work the program” this week. We have all agreed that key elements to staying pure are prayer and accountability. We have all made commitments to one another to pray daily (especially using 7-minutes of prayer first thing each morning) and to make phone calls to each other daily. Yet we all struggled with these commitments over this past week.

As I told my brothers this morning, I really didn’t “feel like” working the program this week. I have felt happy, blessed, and grateful. But I haven’t “wanted” to interrupt my day for prayer or phone calls.

So what’s that all about?

Isn’t the God who gives so much o me each day worthy of some small portion of my time? And isn’t the incredible gift of purity worth the effort of daily phone calls?

And why don’t I WANT to do these things?

I don’t know what the answers are, but I do know that I love God and really do want to show my love for Him. I do know prayer is important and I do want it to become a habit – a loving habit – for me.

We all have made a commitment this week to make sure that we are starting each day with seven minutes of prayer and we will be checking-in on prayer as we check-in on purity.

S-A-L-T: Standing Against Lust Together

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We had an abbreviated meeting of the SALT Brigade today. With one member out-of-town, there were only two of us left to meet. So it was more like an extended check-in than a SALT Meeting.

Still, the meeting was very valuable to me.

The two SALT Brothers who did meet today have had similar experiences over the past week. It was a tough week. Especially Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We both experienced bad slips or relapses. We both had the experience of being in a place where the light is gone and there seems no hope for escaping the cycle of sexual sin. And, fortunately, we both have seen the dawn during the remainder of the week.

It has been a week where we have been fighting the battle of pleasure versus joy. Giving into the lust for pleasure with an immediate and intense – but also shallow and empty – payoff. We have drifted into isolation and a sense of being incomplete.

The choice we want to make is for joy – Oh, Lord, bring back to us the joy of our salvation! We want a joy that lasts and brings a sense of connectedness, rightness, and wholeness. We want the joy that can be shared and that makes us feel stronger. We choose surrender to Christ.

Pray for us!

S-A-L-T: Standing Against Lust Together

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