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When the house fell asleep
there was always a light
And it fell from the page
to the eyes of an American boy
In a storybook land
I could dream what I read
When it went to my head
I’d see:

I wanna be a hero

—Steve Taylor, “Hero” (Meltdown, 1984)


“Here I come to save the day!”

—Mighty Mouse


“Out here, due process is a bullet.”

—John Wayne (as Col. Michael Kirby in The Green Berets)


And you didn’t say a word
when they accused you
You did not fight back
when the whole world used you

When hate was crowned King
and love was diminished
You stood meek as a lamb there
without blemish

And they laughed when you cried out
“It is finished”

You lay down
You lay down

—Terry Taylor, “You Lay Down” (1998)

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(Terry Taylor/Lost Dogs)

He don’t hug trees or kill ’em
or drive a particular car
Won’t help you write a big hit song
don’t care how good lookin’ you are

And Jesus won’t be voting
He’s not your party-crashin’ dog in this fight
Not a fan rootin’ for your home team
Don’t insure that your future is bright

That’s Jesus in the Homeless faces
With the junkies in their livin’ hell
That’s Jesus with the drunks
and in the lonely places
That’s Jesus in the prison cells

That’s where Jesus is …

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