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Live Pure or Die

Live Pure or Die

Today is an important milestone in D-Monk’s battle for purity — our Purity Platoon met for the last time. The 16 week course of meetings is over and it is time to think about the next step.

So far we have traversed three stages in the fight for purity: (i) the Battle (a one-day event), (ii) Purity Boot Camp (daily meetings for 5 days); and (iii) the Purity Platoon (weekly meetings for 16 weeks).

There is one stage remaining in the “Every Man’s Battle” platform: the Maturity Platoon. This is an on-going accountability group made up of other men who have completed these first three stages.

And so the question is: What is next for D-Monk? Do I go on to the Maturity Platoon? Do I focus more on the Blueshirts? Do I continue with both? Is there anything else I should be doing?

Here are some of my thoughts:

The Maturity Platoon will be made up of the same men as have been in my Purity Platoon. Meetings would again be held on Monday mornings at 6:00am. I am excited about continuing with these brothers, but I wish it were some day other than Monday. I find it very difficult to get up so early on Mondays. I am usually up later on Sundays sucking all I can out of the weekend. So Mondays are always difficult. But getting up two hours earlier than any other day is extremely difficult.

On the other hand we are talking about purity and the service of Christ. In some sense, I think it is better that such things don’t come easy. It helps remind us that there is something at stake and that we are actively sacrificing for our goal of purity. Moreover, I have learned from past experience that I need regular meetings with other men in order to hold myself accountable to the pledge for purity. So while Monday mornings are difficult, I will definitely continue on to the Maturity Platoon.

And what about the Blueshirts? These are brothers to whom I have made a commitment. As much as the four of us have struggled, I really feel that the best course of action for me is to continue to meet with the Blueshirts and offer whatever hope I can to the process of recovery there.

Is this all? Is there anything else?

In my heart I feel a call to take what I have learned and share it with others. I have first-hand knowledge of the power that sexual sin and pornography have to enslave men and separate them from Christ. I have seen how incredibly frustrating it can be to try to escape from the influence of pornography. I have been given the gift of freedom through the grace of Christ and I want to share it with anyone who may need or want it.

I am not sure what opportunities are there for this kind of a ministry, but I do have one idea. I thought I might create a blog page dedicated to this issue that could only be accessed by men who are themselves engaged in the Battle for Purity. It could be a private page that would be open only to men whom I had invited. There we could all have the opportunity to post progress, victories, questions, and challenges and we could have open dialogue to help encourage and support one another.

Would anyone else be interested in this kind of a web community?

Let me know.

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